Why Pigs in Bath?

Why Pigs in Bath?

King Bladud

If you ever visit Bath you might come across a statue of a pig. But why? What have pigs got to do with Bath?

In fact they are a celebrated animal, along with the famous King Bladud (863BC) who founded the city of Bath. However, Bladud nearly didn’t become King. This is because he caught the infectious disease leprosy whilst studying in Athens. He therefore had to leave the Royal Palace to a slightly less glamours job of swine (pig) herding in the Avon Valley.

In due course the pigs also caught the leprosy. This may have been disastrous. However, whilst driving the pigs through the local river Bladud noticed something curious. As the pigs enjoyed their hot mud bath around the springs their condition began to improve and were soon cured! Bladud decided that he would bathe in the waters and he too was cured. This meant that he was able to return to the Royal Palace and once again take his place as King, when he then founded the city of Bath.

For more about Bladud and his story visit: http://www.kingbladudspigs.org/king-bladud.html


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