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Our sister school, Bath Academy, offers a personalised, fully supportive academic education to UK and international students. By discovering and nurturing students’ talents, Bath Academy helps build their confidence and gain the qualifications to enable them to enter high quality universities in the UK and abroad.


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University Foundation Programme

The University Foundation Programme (UFP) offers students an alternative route (to A Levels and the International Baccalaureate) to British University degree courses. The Programme is world-renowned and has an excellent success rate in placing international students at top British universities.

Course Structure

Students can choose between a variety of pathways, allowing entry into almost all undergraduate degree courses.

Students study 6 subjects within their chosen pathway, 3 compulsory minor modules and 3 elective major modules.

The minor subjects are: Mathematics, Information Technology and IELTS/Communication Skills. These are to ensure students are equipped with the necessary communication, numerical and analytical skills for university study.

The major modules are chosen within the student’s pathway and should be relevant to their intended degree course. Pathways include:

Business and Finance | Law and Social Sciences | Engineering and Technology | Science

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A Levels

A Levels are the standard route to studying at UK universities, particularly for the most competitive courses at the highest ranking institutions. Our A Level students are taught in small tutorial groups and have weekly mock examinations under invigilated conditions to monitor their progress against the grades necessary for them to progress to their desired university course.

A Levels are available for students aged 16+ who have completed their GCSEs or equivalent high school certificate.

We offer a range of A Level courses including:  two year, eighteen month and one year intensive courses.

2 Year and 18 month courses

We offer both the standard 2 year A Level programme as well as an 18 month intensive course (starting in January which is ideal for international students whose academic year ends in December). In both cases, students study 3 to 4 A Level subjects.

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“College leaders have created a culture where students are nurtured and supported to achieve their potential” Ofsted

Pre A Level for International Students

The Pre-A Level Course prepares international students for the demands of A Level study. Students develop the English language, mathematical and academic skills needed to be successful in their A Level studies and future academic careers.

We find that students who take this course reach a far higher standard than those of the same starting level that apply directly for A Levels.

The course is separated into two levels, each lasting one year.

Level 1

– For 14/15 year-olds to fully prepare them for studying the GCSE programme the following year

– Intensive focus on the English language requirements and development of Mathematics, Science and IT/Business studies for students aiming to study GCSEs and later, A levels

Level 2

– For 15/16 year-olds to fully prepare them for studying the 2-year A level programme the following year

– Students will prepare for sitting 5 GCSEs

– Intensive focus on gaining a high band score in the IELTS examination (6.5 +) and following 5 GCSE subjects

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