Bath Carnival!

Bath Carnival, taking place on Saturday 11th July, encapsulates the theme ‘Creatures, Colours and Communities’. Once again our city will be flooded with lively and colourful performances from all over the country. The day will centre around a free community celebration in Parade Gardens, a family friendly event which will include dance workshops, kids area, live music, refreshments and lots of fun. The procession then leaves from the Holburne Museum where you can then follow the fun through ... Read More
Check out our new video channel on youtube

Check out our new video channel on youtube

Videos from Bath Academy of English Click on the link above to view our videos: 1. See our university foundation programme students, Lily and Reginaldo, describe their experiences at Bath Academy of English. 2. Our ELT and media studies students welcome you to Bath Academy of English 3. The extended version of our homepage video showcasing everything the city of Bath has to offer to our students ... Read More

Bath Boules 2015

The Bath Boules Tournament is a long-standing tradition and Bath’s social highlight of the year! It’s a much-loved local charity institution where on this most English of occasions, we play a quintessentially French game. This year, the Boules is taking place June 21st – 22nd at Queen Square. Visit our website at or follow us on Twitter @BathBoules to find out more! ... Read More

New course launched

Academic English Development Course. Bath Academy of English has vast experience in successfully preparing international students for acceptance into UK universities. We have drawn upon the expertise of our sister school, Bath Academy, who run the popular University Foundation Programme (UFP) to produce a course which combines preparing for the IELTS exam with academic communication skills – everything you need to succeed on a UK university course of study. Essay writing – skills + s... Read More

Bizarre Bath Comedy Walk

A Comedy Walk like no other: You’ll laugh yourself silly when you join the celebrated stroll which takes an irreverent look at the city of Bath. You”ll experience unforgettable mysteries, magic, thrills, and surprises that stretch the traditional image of the city. So if you’re looking for something hysterical rather than historical, why not join us? Bizarre Bath leaves the Huntsman Inn, North Parade Passage, every evening at 8pm. The entertainment lasts approximately 90 minute... Read More

Clauses Part Two

A: Short forms as answers 1. We often use short forms to answer questions. Usually we repeat the first word of the verb phrase: A: Can you come round tomorrow? B: Yes, I can/ No I can’t. A: Have you seen Jack lately? B: Yes, I have/No I haven’t. A: Do you like living here? B: Yes, I do/ No I don’t. Sometimes we change the modal verb: (see Verb Phrase) A: Will you come? B: Yes, we might. A: Do you think they might come? B: Yes, I think they will. 2. We often use verbs like think, suppose, e... Read More
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