Halloween Superstitions

TOP 10 HALLOWEEN SUPERSTITIOUS TRADITIONS Started 2000 years ago by the Celts living in the north of the UK and France, Halloween has now become one of the most celebrated Western festivals. The annual event takes place on the night of 31st October, marking the end of autumn, harvesting season, and the start of cold winter days. On this day, it is believed that the dead are allowed to walk the earth among the living for one night, and that dressing up in scary masks (or your favourite character ... Read More

Party time!

Our first big party of the academic year -The beauty and the Geek fancy dress party. Are you a beauty…or a geek? Dj Fortune with the tunes Snacks and drinks Prizes for best dressed Games, Karaoke, quizzes…and much more! Don’t miss out Assembly Inn, 22/10, 7-11pm ... Read More
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