Summer School 2017 is in full flow!

Our first week of Summer School is well under way with our lovely Mexican students! Next Monday we will be in week 3 of our Junior Summer School and have 30 Russian students for the next 3 weeks taking part in a full programme of lessons, activities and excursions.


Our students have had a great time at a BBQ, designing T-shirts, exploring Avon Country Valley, and singing karaoke one night which was a hoot! They also enjoyed Stonehenge and Salisbury at the weekend, the fun never stops 👍🏻👣🎤😊!!

Some of our summer school students have written about their time at Bath Academy of English so far!

“My favourite activity at Bath Academy of English was when they organised a field trip to London. We saw the London Eye, Big Ben and (of course) Buckingham Palace. After we were done with that we went to a couple of shops like the biggest toy shop in England and a huge sweet shop.” Isabella, 13

“My favourite activity was at the Sport Centre because we had fun and played badminton. The trip to London was good and interesting too! I enjoyed singing “Shape of you” in London with Grace and Alex! The first week was very funny!” Fatima, 14



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